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The Cottage Counselor's Couch

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

Welcome to the Cottage Counselor’s Couch, a blog where we'll discuss matters of the heart. The map for your journey is waiting just below.

I would love to run my counseling practice out of a cozy little cottage surrounded by flower gardens of all shapes and sizes and colors that thrill the senses.

Sadly, this physical place is not my reality. But, it’s not for lack of trying. So, I chose the next best thing and created my cottage counseling couch blog online. A safe and welcoming place where we discuss heartache, pain, broken dreams, and a place where new strategies are learned and shared.

A place of hope and wonder where new eyes see the goodness that lies ahead … if one only has the courage to get off the main road and travel back through a dangerous and fretful passage.

Getting there might take the weary traveler through a murky and dark forest. But keep going and you’ll arrive.

Take the intricate and worn stone pathway that crawls beside the babbling brook, laid there to quench your thirst. These stones will guide the burden laden traveler through brambles and thorns.

Keep going and don’t give up. For there, you’ll find the meadow where the cottage sits basking in the sunlight.

A few more steps will take you up steep and perilous steps, then through the white picket fence, open for anyone ready for change.

Then you’ll find a battered wooden door, worn from years of use. A step inside reveals the counselor’s couch and the discovery of new wonders and matters of the heart. This couch provides safe arms of strength and safety. Beside the counselor’s couch is a small table. Upon it is a box that is the keeper of all tears, both joyous and sad. Next to this precious box of watered memories is an old-fashioned metal lamp stand filled with strength and grace.

Atop the lamp sits a delicate glass lampshade made from every color of the rainbow, providing gentle spheres of light to help the traveler see truth and experience newfound joy and direction for their forward moving journey.

There is no judgment inside this cozy country cottage.

So come off the main road, across the worn and narrow pathway, through the thick and dangerous forest. Step into the sunlight and sitting just there, waiting, you will find the cozy cottage where the counselor’s couch awaits.

Praying, we’ll see you soon, weary traveler.

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