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Let Me Introduce Myself

Hi Friends,

Welcome to my debut blog and website!

Thank you to Cheryl for an amazing website. Thanks to Gwen and Cheryl for pushing me beyond myself to challenge my own fears in being vulnerable and allowing myself to be known. Thank you so much to my adult children, Ashley Bishop and JN Chaney, who push me beyond myself to grow and use my creative energy.

Brene’ Brown stands on the platform of the power of vulnerability and how allowing ourselves to be known transforms every aspect of our lives in a positive way. In her book Daring Greatly, she expounds on how vulnerability is the first step in finding “love, joy, courage, empathy, and belonging.”

I agree with Brene’ and have also struggled with vulnerability and putting myself out there my entire life. In faith and life in Christ, vulnerability and trust is key in our relationship with Christ. After all, he already knows us inside and out. Loving others, sharing our struggles, and building each other up in the faith is part of who we should be in Christ. And yet, it is difficult to trust those inner parts of ourselves to others. Of course, boundaries play a huge part in knowing how, when, where, and in what context to be vulnerable; and that takes growth.

I’ve always been fascinated with human behavior, psychology, and how a person becomes who they are as well as what it takes to get unstuck and grow toward wholeness. I don’t believe God meant for any of us to live in isolation from each other, to hide alone in fear, to become stagnant and refuse to grow and stretch ourselves. I want this kind of growth for each of my clients just as much as I want it for myself.

I spent several years working in community mental health before opening my private practice. It thrills me to be able to work within my community and help others. I am excited about this new adventure of blogging and hope and pray that you choose to share this journey of discovery as we stretch ourselves toward wholeness.

God bless and keep you until we meet again,

Lori C. Helms MA., LMHC

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